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Collection No.1

A Trip to Bridgeman, MI

About a week ago I was fortunate enough to visit my grandparents at their home in Bridgeman, Mi- a quaint little town located near the coast of Lake Michigan and St. Joe, the 'larger' of the small towns in the area. My entire immediate family was able to meet up there (all eight of us), along with some aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

I was so ecstatically happy to be on the shore of the inland sea on which I grew up- to quote a song (from the musical 'The Christmas Schooner, a hauntingly beautiful story about a family and a schooner that traveled lake Michigan in the wintertime) "there's something about the water" - there really is, though. It may be something calling my soul, built up energy or simply the ever changing movement of the fresh water waves... or maybe it's the air, the trees, and all of the northern beauty in the details of the environment. I kept coming up to my grandpa to show him the little 'collections' I found, and he would be so enthusiastically surprised with joy, and said "that I really have an eye for those things" and that I'm "a good collector". If you ask anyone else in my family you may get a title describing me more along the lines of a hoarder, but I like to think the latter of myself. There's such beauty in the tiny things, if you're willing to notice! 

wearing my favorite jean jacket from the Gap, I literally never travel anywhere without it. 

 Collection No. 2

Jean Jacket from Gap, Swimwear from Amazon, Shorts from Aerie, my all time favorite for leisure wear and underthings.

 My sister Emma, me, my grandpa Bednar, and my sister Jeanette


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