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Groovy in Amethyst by Merging Metals

Groovy vibes featuring this stunning statement piece by Merging Metals!

This funky statement piece features a huge Amethyst chunk inset with a shiny piece of labradorite, two of my favorite crystals!

I spent one of my days off movin' and goovin' in my bell bottom jeans, playing stevie nicks, and getting into some serious Woodstock vibes for this photoshoot.

I can’t tell you enough how cool this piece feels in your hands... like a sorcerers stone! Shop small and check out the other pieces they have like it - there’s quite a few in the Merging Metals Etsy Shop currently! Use code CHELSEA20 for a whole 20% off your purchase! Stay groovy, man!

magic moving forward,

xx Chels

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