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Flower Power Photoshoot


Recently I’ve been diving deep into creative photoshoots, and I thought I’d begin making blog posts that give a look into ‘behind the scenes”of the aesthetic I create. In each post I’ll link where I got my things (old or new), with a big focus on small artists/makers! Since I currently don’t have an email list, follow me on my social media platforms.


The Outfit: The idea of a 70’s Photoshoot had been on my mind for some time, but really came together when I happened across a totally flower power style dress from Aerie. Included below: the AE Boardwalk Midi Dress and the AE Swingy Midi Dress. Both pieces are out of stock on the AE app, but you can always buy used or shop inspired-by!

Accessories: Statement Peace Sign Choker (with custom glitter pendant) Is handmade by Etsy artist I’m Your Present. Lil Miss Sunshine - Flower Power bag is from a small business Talking Out Of Turn (with all their matching stationary/back to school sets and pen bar, this shop is always on my wish list). You can’t have a complete hippie aesthetic without some Birkenstocks in your wardrobe! I got mine from a locally owned shoe store, and I’d encourage you to do the same!

Makeup: As a summer staple for many photoshoots, I’m using the Belle of the Ball palette by Pat McGrath. You can see my makeup tutorial/process video HERE.


magic moving forward, friends!


To stay up to date with all things magical, find @chelseabednardesign on Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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