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To quote the center's page, "Storm King Art Center nurtures a vibrant bond between art, nature, and people, creating a place where discovery is limitless."

On the most golden of fall days, my roommates and I took a trip to Storm King Art Center in upper New York. The drive on the way there was one of magic- the trees had already turned their most brilliant colors, decorating the sky with the most radiant color and light. Upon arriving you could see the pathway beginnings, only to discover the hidden wonderland of fantastical sculptures lying beyond the first few trees. Between wandering through the stunning sculptures and through natures beauty, it almost felt as if a dream; the entire experience of the day brought back such an abundance of childhood joy and curiosity. After gallivanting through the park for the better part of the day, we topped off the afternoon with a packed lunch picnic in the back of the car (the plan had been to eat outside, but at the time we had decided to eat it had gotten quite chilly). 

Below is a series of photographs from the trip, capturing only a small amount of the day and our adventures. 


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