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Magic Potion Notebook Bundles!

I always carry small notebooks in my bags- whether I throw them into my purse, shove them into my wallet, or put one in my pocket, I always make sure I have a pad of paper to write on. Often I get bored on the train and like to doodle, play Mash or Hangman with friends, write down grocery lists or collect someone's contact info. Of course you could always do this on your phone, but I find something so comforting about physically scribbling down with a pen to paper.  

Each notebook is hand-sewn and stamped with some old halloween-y stamps I had around... growing up my 'fairy' godmother would always send me hand made stamps, many of which I have to this day! Because of that I have always had a love for stamps and tiny imagery - I definitely intend on making more of these petit bundles! 

These teeny tiny 2"x2" magical notebook bundles are perfect for putting in your wallet, purse, or keeping in your pocket for the occasional thought that might pop into your head. See my instagram post and Etsy Listing here, only $5 for a set of four!


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