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Chelsea Susan Bednar

The artist, maker, and fairy behind Chelsea Bednar Design.

With a background in scenic design and visual arts, CSB works professionally as a designer and artistic freelancer. 

"Much of my inspiration comes from old fairytales, vintage designs, antique ephemera, and all things magical. Intrigued by the 'lost arts', the process of hand-making, plays an integral part in creating beautiful and meaningful work. With each piece created over hours of labor and love, I hope they find their way to homes that appreciate the value of a handmade item, giving sentimental importance to each work of art." 


artistic adventures

In recent adventuring, I have been the Junior Designer and Resident Artist for a newly renovated art hotel in Upstate New York. Transforming the place has consisted of everything from interior&mural painting to upcycling antique furniture.


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Cultivating Creativity 

Use a Journal for: 

Sketching, bullet journaling, writing, poetry, as a spell book, a notebook, for collaging, collecting photographs, travel journaling, as a diary, or whatever calls to your heart! Use it for anything, as long as you use it! A journal only becomes precious once it's filled with precious memories and exciting adventures. 

Create & Connect

All my life I've been a collector of interesting and little things: colorfully patterned shells, dried flowers, crystals and stones, beautiful journals, photographs, magazine clippings, or handmade pens, anything lovely and interesting. I would store these things in boxes, notebooks and journals, all of which I still have! As a little girl, I would write letters to just about anyone I could get the address of. From thank you letters to casually describing my day, handwriting with pen onto paper was one of my favorite things. This love carried over into journals, sketchbooks, and other hands-on activities. Today not much has changed, except I now create the things that may belong in other people's special collections! 

My hope is that my pieces inspire people to get creative - to reach out and connect to others; whether sending a hand written letter, journaling for the 'gram or personally writing to connect within, the goal is to connect and createOne of the main things I hear is "the journal is so beautiful, I'd be afraid to ruin it". My response? YOU allow who sees inside your journal; unlike people, it's the outside that matters! 

Why Shop Small? 

Shopping small supports the life of an independent artist and contributes to the integration of hand-crafted goods into everyday life. When something is uniquely made, it truly becomes your own. Create, adventure, and explore with your piece, spreading the magic! 

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