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As an artist, I love creating things that are new and original, whether it's drawings, patterns, and paintings; while this is true, I also am an avid lover of all things ephemera (anything nostalgic, vintage, or things that lived a short while in their artistic sense). Despite the title not all these papers are truly vintage (the butterfly and the marble - felt like I had to get that out there), although I did feel they had a sensibility that fit with the collection. On the verge of becoming winter,I felt the urge to create something that beckoned the feeling of the late fall- when things are still clinging to the last warm winds of the autumn, the amber light of the evenings, and the collections of news papers and decorative scrap papers that have piled up since the summertime. 

This collection features five hand bound, hardcover kettle stitch books with an open spine, 4"x4" with text weight paper. While these exact ones have mostly sold, you can find similar ones on my Etsy.


For consistent updates of new work, follow me on instagram , facebook , etsy , and pinterest .

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