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As the dreary late-winter drones on, I've been finding such colorful inspiration all around me. From the rainbow color wheel for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at work to the prisma colored filter on the windows and the colorful sunsets, there hasn't seemed to be a lack in color and inspiration. 

Below features a collection of personal photographs throughout the town of Montclair, NJ as well as a couple of projects I got to work on at {Verdigreen}. As I failed to take any 'before' pictures, the final pieces will have to do. There were two plain/worn out looking factory lamps that needed a bit of sprucing up, so I had the opportunity to paint them! In the photos attached below, you can see that the first lamp was painted in graphite with black wax (to create the deep-black mat color on the outside) and gilded & stenciled in gold, and on the inside I used a painterly-stroke mixture of Emile, Rodmell, and Pure White. The second lamp was painted in Scandinavian Pink and stenciled a mixture of Old White, Arles, and Barcelona Orange and reminded me more of an evening sunset. 

You can find much inspiration from following Annie Sloan's Blog as well as Verdigreen Home's Blog. Both lamps are available along with other amazing painted and handmade things at Verdigreen in Montclair, NJ.


For consistent updates of new work, follow me on instagram , facebook , etsy , and pinterest .

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