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Parking Lot Murals (part one)

One of the first projects I was able to work on since being back at Twin Gables was the parking lot murals. It was SO cold outside, so I had to bundle up!

Check out my behind the scenes video for the murals in this video on my TikTok & follow along for more process videos.


Let me tell you, PREP WAS EVERYTHING before painting on the parking space! The ground was covered in so much mud and dirt, so I hosed down everything and brushed away the muck three times over before even beginning to paint. We used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint watered down to paint the murals into the gravel, and since the chalk paint bakes in the sun to cure, no top coat was needed to finish it off.

For now, this is part one. The other two parking spaces will have murals coming, but after I finished the last layer of paint on the secon mural, it started snowing and hasn't stopped since! See yah in the spring, part two!

magic moving forward,

xx Chels

Final pictures below:

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